LVM GEO is a collection of geospatial information technology (GIT) products and services provided by the Geospatial Information Technologies business unit of the JSC Latvia’s State Forests (LVM). We have been developing GIT since 2009 to support our business operations, and we offer GIT products and services not only internally, but also to clients specializing in various industries. LVM GEO products range from a modular and multifunctional geospatial information technology platform with interfaces for companies and organizations to open tools for spatial data processing for any GIT user.

LVM GEO geospatial information technology development and maintenance is provided by the professional team of LVM’s GIT division - geospatial solution architects, developers and consultants, system and geospatial solution analysts, spatial modelling experts, remote sensing specialists and project managers.

LVM GEO services are:

  • Geographic information system development
  • Spatial planning optimization model development
  • GIS consulting and project management
  • GIS data management and analysis
  • Remote sensing services


Latest projects

LVM GEO Platform for SUSAB

We have implemented LVM GEO platform - LVM GEO Web and LVM GEO Sync - for Skogsutveckling Syd AB Latvian branch. We perform system maintenance, development and implementation of change requests.


EU biotope survey forms for the Nature Conservation Agency

LVM GEO team has developed European Union biotope survey form module for the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia data management system “Ozols”. This module includes specific data input forms for all European Union biotope types and reports for data analysis.

LVM GEO Web Light for data publishing

To transfer and exchange data with other organizations, for example State Forest Service of Latvia and JSC Latvian State Roads, the LVM GEO team has developed and keeps improving LVM GEO Web Light application. This application allows to easily serve data to other organizations and combine those with various geospatial data layers and provides all basic geographic information system functionality.

Data analysis service for Food and Veterinary Service (FVS)

LVM GEO team provides data processing and analysis for the Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia (FVS) to support their functions, for example spatial data analysis and creation of maps necessary for African swine fewer localization and control measures.

Strategic model for Sundin Mezs

The LVM GEO team has developed the Strategic model for our client Sundin Mezs Ltd. The model was developed by implementing various specific parameters and criteria and creating several scenarios allowing the client to choose between different silvicultural approaches. Development of this model allows client to gain analytical information about their forest lands, overall value of the company and long-term cash flow.

Sodra Latvia

The LVM GEO platform is being implemented for Sodra Latvia Ltd., one of the largest forest owners in Latvia. In this project LVM GEO platform is be used as a forest management planning and control system and, in combination with organizations ERP system, will form a centralized solution for support of all forest management processes

Strategic and Tactical models Sodra Latvia

We have developed various Strategic and Tactical models and scenarios for our client Sodra Latvia Ltd. and calculated multiple essential indicators. The output results will also be available in LVM GEO platform modules, allowing the client to do analysis by combing the modelling results with other spatial data layers

Drainage Cadaster GIS

The LVM GEO team has developed the Drainage Cadaster geographic information system for the Real Estate department of Ministry of Agriculture. Before the system development, the team created GIS strategy, implementation and maintenance plan, providing our client consulting and project management services. The WEB interface for the system is based on LVM GEO WEB Light application which is easily adjustable for data publishing and provides users with the most common GIS funcionality.


LVM GEO Platform for Latvijas Finieris Mežs

LVM GEO team has implemented and maintains LVM GEO Platform for the forest management company Latvijas Finieris Mežs, Ltd. For our client we have developed and implemented LVM GEO Database, LVM GEO Web and LVM Geo Sync modules as well as LVM GEO Forest extension tools. Significant value was added to this solution by the integration with State Forest Service of Latvia GIS to continuously synchronize their forest compartment inventory data. Using LVM GEO Platform enables client access to all the newest background map services - LIDAR data models, VZD cadaster service, LGIA orthofoto maps, etc.

JSC Latvia's State Forests Geospatial Information Technologies

LVM GEO team has been developing and maintaining Geospatial Information Technologies for JSC Latvia's State Forests (LVM) since 2009. We have created various GIT solutions to support almost all LVM’s business operations and LVM GEO Platform has become the core system for all company’s production departments. All products and services offered by LVM GEO have been implemented in the LVM, thus they are being improved and developed continuously according to the business needs and innovations in the field. The role of our technologies in the company allow our clients to be sure of sustainability and long-term development of our products.