LVM GEO division offers installation and customization of the LVM GEO Platform or its individual modules according to client requirements or GIS development to support business needs. LVM has developed and built the LVM GEO Platform—one of the largest and most versatile geospatial information platforms in the market. The LVM GEO Platform is modular and multifunctional, and the functionality of its basic module is easily customizable for various business needs. The Platform is developed by internal resources, and the LVM GEO development team’s experience-based competence allows us to offer GIS development, customization and maintenance to clients in various industries.

Development of the LVM GEO Platform is one of the largest and most successful GIT projects in Latvia. The Platform’s modules support all of LVM’s business operations, and are used on a daily basis by a majority of LVM employees and contracted service providers—in addition to LVM GEO clients. The platform is continuously developed and supported according the needs of client business activities. The Platform’s implementation and customization allows clients to save a significant amount of time and financial resources, in addition to considerably improving business process efficiency.

The LVM GEO development team is experienced and competent in a wide variety of geospatial information system analysis, architecture, development and maintenance. The LVM GEO development team provides not only system development and installation, but also offers technical infrastructure, system maintenance, monitoring and consultation.