LVM GEO Forest is an extension for forest management companies that provides tools and functionality to support forest management operations. LVM GEO Forest tools are modular and can be added to the corresponding LVM GEO Platform module and adapted to the clients needs.

The LVM GEO team has many years of experience in developing geospatial information technology solutions for forest management companies, including JSC Latvia's State Forests - one of the most innovative and successful forestry companies in Europe. Thus, LVM GEO Forest tools and solutions are continuously tested in practice and improved according to forest management best practices and innovations in the field.

Most significant LVM GEO Forest extension tools provide:

  • forest stand growth calculations
  • scheduling of young stand care and thinning
  • validations and automatic calculations for inventory data input
  • tactical fell planning support
  • support for fell planning, evaluation, grouping and planning of operative actions
  • automatic calculations of environmental restrictions
  • sending forestry work (logging, silviculture, etc.) orders to contractors mobile devices
  • integration with State Forest Service of Latvia GIS for forest compartment inventory data import into company's database (for forest management companies with forest areas in Latvia)
  • and many others

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