LVM GEO Web Light is a web-based application that allows users to view, search and edit their company’s or organization's geospatial data layers. The application is intended for clients that require basic geographic information system (GIS) functionality. The main advantages of this product are a simple user interface, fast implementation and simple change management. For more advanced needs (integrations with other systems, interfaces with other applications, advanced tools, etc.) LVM GEO Web module would be more suitable.

LVM GEO Web Light supports simple user access management, therefore companies and organizations can maintain their internal geospatial information and simultaneously publish selected data layers and attributes publicly. For example municipalities can maintain geospatial data (roads, schools, parks, etc.) about their administrative territories and publish this information with fewer attributes on their website, making the data accessible to any resident. Interactive solutions can be implemented - for example allowing any resident to report about dumped waste or potholes on the road.

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